Dogwood Keeshonden - Dogwood English Roots - Warrenton, VA
Dogwood Keeshonden - Preserving Holland's Treasure
Dogwood Keeshonden    Remembering Our Early Years               
             Our English Roots

Dogwood Keeshonden ~ AM CH Bischar's Different Drummer (Breeder/Owner/Handler~Shelley Rooks)
                  AM CH Bischar's
   Different  Drummer

  Shelley Rooks

Sired by
AM CH Brummen of Growling Ridge
X Yan-Kee Dawn of Bischar

Dogwood Keeshonden ~ AM CH Bischar's Different Drummer

AM CH Bischar's Different Drummer

Dogwood Keeshonden ~ Ski's Kees Dusty Rose (Puppy Picture)Ski's Kees Dusty Rose
Sired by 
 AM CH Bishar's Different Drummer
X  Candray's Funny Girl

(Candray's Funny Girl)
Sired by

AM CH Dalkees Mighty Samson, ROMX

Our English Rose

Dogwood Keeshond ~ Ski's Kees Dusty Rose, Breeder/Handler Marlene Earley

   Ski's Kees Dusty Rose

 Shown  wining BOS at AKC show
Mattaponi Kennel Club, Virginia

 Dusty is Granddaughter to

AM CH Candray Dynamite

and to

AM CH Brummen of Growling Ridge

  AM CH Candray Dynamite
pictured below is

  Bred by: JAN and George Wannamaker   Candray Kennels
AM CH Candray Dynamite

           Grand Sire of Ski's Kees Dusty Rose

Brummen on left and Drummer on right
    CH Brummen of Growling Ridge
   Pictured to the right
  (He is the darker one on left side)

              Sire of Different Drummer
   Brummen finished his AM Champion Title
       in shows talking a Point Major win
In 1982 (Winner's Dog)
At the
Capital Keeshond Club Specialty
                                        Brummen's Pedigree goes back to                                                                                    
 Internationally-renowned Flakkee Kennels,  Wistonia Kennels  and 
Duroya Kennels in England
                                            as well as Coventry Kennels (USA)

      American CH Brummen of Growling Ridge
 is a Great Great Grandson of

ENG AM CAN  Champion Wrocky of Wistonia,ROMX
AM CH Flakkee Sweepstakes, HOF,ROM
BOB/Grp 1 Westminster Dog Show ~ 1968

Sired By

AM CH Cornellus Wrocky Selznick, HOF,ROM
 BOB/Grp 2 Westminster ~ 1964

Sired By

Wrocky of Wistonia HOF, ROMX
     The American Breed Standard

Woodiwiss Keeshond Breeder

 Ms. Audry Woodiwiss
 Duroya Kennels

shown is 2 offspring from
ENG CH Commandant of Duroya

to the left and below is

ENG CH Duroya Guardsman of Ven

Shown after winning 

Best Keeshond Brace at CRUFTS 1965

AM CH Brummen of Growling Ridge

Double Great Great Grandson of Guardsman of Ven

1967 Duroya Guardsmen of Ven Keeshond

  ENG CH Duroya Guardsman of Ven
Sired by

 ENG CH Commandant of Duroya
                                                         Pictured below

1971 Duroya English KeeshondenEnglish CH Commandant of Duroya

       Grandson of CH Wrocky of Wistonia        

CH Brummen of Growling Ridge Triple Great-Great Grandson of

Australian CH Ensign of Duroya
  Pictured below

Ensign of Duroya is the Grandson of Commandant

1970 Duroya Ensin of Durora
AUSTRALIAEnsign of Duroya was the first export
Keeshond to Australia not only did he
become the first Keeshond champion
to go BIS he did it 3 times, only to be
out beaten by his son

Duroya Beatrix
Dam of CH Commandant of Duroya

1963Duroya Beaxtres Keeshond

Sired by Commandant of Duroya
                                                           Pictured below                                                                                    
1971 Vanglede Keeshond

1965 Duroya Keeshond
Keeshond ~ AM CH Brummen of Growling Ridge, Bischar Different Drummer, Ski's Kees Cinder Star     

      April 1987  Marlene with

     CH Brummen of Growling  Ridge
   his son

      CH Bischar Different Drummer


               his Granddaughter

                    Shown Below                              Brummen is the one jumping up
                                                                         Drummer is to left of Brummen

Dogwood Keeshonden ~ Cinder Star,Drummer,and Brummen
Ski's Kees Cinder Star    

Dogwood Keeshonden ~ Ski's Kees Cinder Star ~ Puppy Picture

Cinder Star, Different Drummer, Brummen
         (all Baiting for the same cookie)

Dogwood Keeshond ~ Bischar Windrift Prologe handled by Marlene  Dogwood Keeshonden

    Bischar Windrift Prologue
       Handled by Marlene
        For Bischar Keeshonden 
     Bred by
     Bischar and Windrift Kennels
  Weekend of the 1990
  National Capital Keeshond Club Specialty
 Old Dominion Kennel Club
Leesburg, Virginia 

                      5 Point Major

Keeshond Bischar Windrift Prologue Dog handler Dogwood Keeshonden

Dogwood Keeshonden Dog Handler Bischar Windrift Prologue

Keeshond Dog Handler Bischar Windrift Prologue