Dogwood Keeshonden - Dogwood's Awesome Dawson - Warrenton, VA
Dogwood Keeshonden - Preserving Holland's Treasure

     Dogwood Awesome Dawson

Keeshond Dogwood Awesome Dawson 3 Point Major win Keeshond International Calender 
                     Major Pointed on his first weekend shown from puppy class

 This little star was destined to shine, he is an International Calendar Poster Keeshond

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Dawson did not stay at Dogwood he went on to  Bill and Barbie Ethridge
to become their loving family pet.  Dawson is known to the Ethridge family as "Woodie". 

 Dawson is Featured in the following years of the
 International Keeshond Calendar  

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                  Dawson is Awesome
                       Shining from the Heavens above he is showcased in 

                   Keeshond Calendar ~ May 2016 

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 2015 CALENDAR ~ March 
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Dogwood Keeshonden International Keeshond Calender 2010
Keeshond Dogwood Keeshonden International Keeshond Calender 2013 Dogwood Awesome Dawson                 

                                                            September 2010 ~ Shown Above           Pictured above ~ August 2005 
                                                                                       and  July 2013  issues

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2007 Dogwood Awesome Dawson
2004 Dogwood Awesome Dawson


   April 2004 ~ Shown  Above             September 2007 ~ Shown Above
                                          Close Encounters of the Furry Kind©

 September 2011 Dogwood Awesome Dawson

Shown above ~ September 2011          Pictured above ~ 2008

Photo Shoot 2008 did not make the calendar this year but had fun anyway

   It is with great sorrow that we mourn the loss of our beloved
                     Awesome Dawson,  for he truly was.                                                                               
    My heart goes out to Barbe and Bill Ethridge, for no dog could have been
loved and cared for more than Dawson,"Woodie".

    "Woodie" was and will forever be the wonderful companion dog for which
God designed him to be.
     He lived up to what every Dog Breeder could hope for,

     He lived up to what every KEESHOND should be,  the loving family member,
the loyal friend, that shines where ever he goes.

   You never needed to be in a Show Ring to stand out  or win our hearts.

   Now God has called you from us, to Shine on forever  with the Stars above.

   DOB: 15 March 1999                                    DOD: 10 June 2013   
Rest in Peace My Friend