Dogwood Keeshonden - Nan Greenwood Medallion - Warrenton, VA
Dogwood Keeshonden - Preserving Holland's Treasure
Dogwood Keeshonden Blue Tulip
Dogwood Keeshonden Blue Tulip
   1915 - Nan Greenwood - 1986                                

In1943, Nan and Fred Greenwood of Lancashire, England bought their first Keeshond, Vandyquette of Vorden who they bred to Pieter of Evenlode.  A puppy out this first liter, Aalik, was bred to Zandi van Zaandam and produced WORTHY OF WISTONIA who became the foundation dog for Wistonia Kennels and from whom all Wistonia Kees descended.  Worthy personified breed type and elegance and he had the look and temperament that the Greenwoods wanted to perpetuate in their breeding program.

Worthy was bred to several bitches and became the top sire in England for 1949, 1950,
and 1951.  The Greenwoods carefully line bred on Worthy and produced a succession
of over fifteen generations of Keeshonden of outstanding quality.  Worthy's son, Eng, Ch. Winchell of Wistonia, was top sire in England for 1952, 1953, 1954, and 1955.  By 1964,   38 Kees bred or owned by the Greenwoods had acquired English Championships, of
which 19, also, gained American titles and 4 gained Canadian titles.

In 1949, Porter and Dicky Washington imported Eng.Ch.Whimsy of Wistonia who became the foundation bitch for the Flakkee line.  Whimsy became the top winning Keeshond in
the USA for 1949 and was the first Keeshond bitch to go Best in Show (BIS) in America.
In 1950 and to this day, she is the only Keeshond bitch ever to place in the
Non-Sporting Group at Westminster.  BOB & Group 3.

Shortly after importing Whimsy, her former kennel mate, Eng. Ch. Wrona of Wistonia, joined her at Flakkee Kennels and was soon followed by several outstanding Wistonia
males: Waaborg, Wylco, Worral, and the beautiful

ENG/AM/CAN/CH WROCKY OF WISTONIA,HOF,ROM who became the model for depicting the American Keeshond Breed Standard.

Wrocky's show record was extraordinary: Shown only 36 times in the USA and Canada,
he won 35 Best of Breed, 33 Group First, and 18 Best in Show.

The Keeshond Club of America has seven Wistonia Kees in it's Hall of Fame (HOF) and
eight  on the Register of Merit (ROM), of whom there are, also ROMX.
Wistonia bred Kees were Top Kees in the USA for 1949,1950,1951,1952,1953, and 1955.

1968 CH Flakkee Sweepstakes,HOF,ROM won Non-Sporting Group I at Westminster
(Grandson of Wrocky of Wistonia)

In 1964, the Greenwoods left England, with their Keeshonden, to settle in the United States, but sadly, Fred Greenwood died shortly after arriving here.  Relocating in Southern California, Nan valiantly carried on until her death in 1986.  By then over 100 Champions had been bred or sired at Wistonia Kennels.

Nan Greenwood's objective in breeding was "To create a recognizable strain of correct type, as per the Breed Standard."

She was a dedicated dog person--her dogs were her love and her life.  Known for her integrity, Nan was ethical beyond reproach and uncompromising in her breeding standards.

It was because of Nan's dedication to the breed, integrity in her breeding practices and consistency in maintaining type, temperament,elegance and quality, while adhering to the Breed Standard, that prompted the Keeshond Club of American to pay tribute to her memory with the Nan Greenwood Medallion.......


Nan Greenwood Memorial Medallion - Wistonia Kennels Presented by KCA, USA

Presented by the Keeshond Club of
America in memory of Nan Greenwood
    1915 -1986

Keeshond Breed Standard Eng/Am/Can Champion Wrocky of WistoniaEng/Am/Can Champion
Wrocky of Wistonia, HOF, ROM
American Breed Standard