Dogwood Keeshonden - Silveretta & Trucker's Puppies - Warrenton, VA
Dogwood Keeshonden - Preserving Holland's Treasure

Dogwood Keeshonden  is pleased to announce
 in conjunction with  Ashbrook Keeshond
   the breeding of

GCHB CH Ashbrook Just A Truckin'CH Dogwood Silveretta


CH Dogwood Silveretta

(She's AKC KCA National  WB 2015)GCHB CH Ashbrook Just' A Truckin'  

(He's #2 AKC National Grand CH)

They are Both: OFA CHIC Certified  &  OFA Hips "EXCELLENT"
Elbow & Patella: Normal         Eyes: CERF
Both are: OFA Thyroid: Normal 
  OFA Parathyroid: "NEGATIVE" for the Gene

Introducing our future Show Prospects

Whelp Date: 5/8/20
Litter is KCA Futurity Nominated

Puppy#1 (pink Band) Female
Dogwood-N-Ashbrook River Rosette
AKA "Rosette"

Dogwood-N-Ashbrook River Rosette - (5 months)Dogwood-N-Ashbrook River Rosette - Rear view puppy (5 months)

Dogwood-N-Ashbrook River Rosette - (5 months)
  Shown at 5 months

Dogwood-N-Ashbrook River Rosette - (5 months)

Dogwood-N-Ashbrook River Rosette (age 2 months)Dogwood-N-Ashbrook River Rosette (age 2 months)

River Rosette
is staying  with Breeder

                (age 2 months above and to right)

Puppy #2 (Orange Band) Male

Has gone to his new Pet home - Northern Virginia
Shown with new owner (age 6 months)

Dogwood & Ashbrook litter male puppy (age 6 months)Dogwood & Ashbrook litter Pet Male with new Owner

Silveretta & Trucker Litter (male puppy - age 2month)Silveretta & Trucker Litter (male puppy - age 2 months)

(Age 2 months)

Puppy #3 (Lilac Band) Female

Dogwood-N-Ashbrook Oceana Blue
AKA "Sea-Ana" 

Dogwood-N-Ashbrook Oceana Blue - (age 5 months)Dogwood-N-Ashbrook Oceana Blue - (age 5 months)

Dogwood-N-Ashbrook Oceana Blue (Age 5 months)
Dogwood-N-Ashbrook Oceana Blue (age5 months)

Oceana Blue

 is Staying with Breeder

Shown at 5 months 

Dogwood-N-Ashbrook Oceana Blue (age 2 months)

(age 2 months above)

Shown below at age 1 Week 

Dogwood Silveretta & Ashbrook Trucker Liter 1st week May 15 2020

Updated November 27 2020
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